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Welcome to LeaderTrust, a blog focused on self-leadership to improve trust and build effective interpersonal relations.

The purpose of the LeaderTrust blog is to promote leadership excellence by encouraging trust towards self and trust towards others. The intended audience is educators, scholars, current and/or emerging business leaders, especially young adults who desire to make a positive difference in the world.

The blog’s content perspective is theory and practice for establishing trust and leading change with creative action and effective decision making for the many complexities in today’s global economy. The perspective promotes the importance of self-reflection to internalize learning, life experiences, and beliefs,  in order to consider several viewpoints for critical thinking and determining appropriate actions. Two foundational rules apply in the perspective: The Golden Rule and the Silver Rule.

The Golden Rule is about treating others as you would like to be treated and the Silver Rule is about treating others as they would like you to treat them. The Golden Rule respects one’s self-perspective of what is the “right,” while the Silver Rule respects another’s perspective of what is “right.”  Differences in personality, culture, motivations, belief systems, and skills & competencies are factors to consider when applying the Golden & Silver Rules for trust building and leadership effectiveness.

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